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Amy, John, Johnny, Josh & Jake
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Dear Friend:

We are very grateful you are considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We met nearly 21 years ago, while sitting next to each other in an accounting class and have been happily married for over 16 years. We have a great deal of love and respect for each other and our marriage is based on open communication and honesty. Our family also includes our  11 year-old son, Johnny, our 8 year-old son, Joshua, and our 15 year-old dog named Jake. Joshua entered our family at nearly 9 months of age through the miracle of adoption.  We have an open adoption with his birthmother and regularly communicate.   This has been a truly wonderful adoption experience.  We have an unlimited supply of love and strongly desire to add another child to our family to make it more complete.

We are Catholic and have very similar morals and backgrounds. We are in excellent health and are non-smokers. Our children will be taught our values and provided the foundation to be honest, responsible, generous individuals. We have established college funds for both Johnny and Josh and plan to do so for all our children, should they decide to further their education. Our parents are all loving grandparents.

Our home is very roomy and sits on a large piece of property. We recently relocated to a very family-friendly neighborhood and a great community north of Atlanta, Georgia.  So far, the people and weather have been great! 

Please be assured that we will cherish this child and provide a safe, financially secure, emotionally supportive environment with unconditional love. We promise to raise this baby with the knowledge that it is with a mothers love and unselfish heart that you are seeking the very best home for your child.

We are willing to discuss the desired degree of openness involved with an adoption. We greatly admire your courage and strength and support any decision you make for you and your child. Thank you for choosing life and God bless you.


John, Amy, Johnny, Josh & Jake

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