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Amy, John, Johnny, Josh & Jake
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John and his boys


John has a strong commitment to all he does and everyone he loves. He has degrees in Accounting and Law, and is currently an attorney for a consumer products company. He is a strong advocate for child safety and also serves on a national committee for fighting against missing and exploited children.

Those who know John, both personally and professionally, have a great deal of respect for him. He is a very loving and proud Daddy, and in his office displays numerous pictures of his family. Both he and Amy have been involved in helping obtain baby supplies for a local womens center. In his spare time, he enjoys running, working on indoor carpentry projects and has great yardwork and landscaping skills. In the evenings, John and the boys love to go "exploring" by visiting the construction sites in our neighborhood. 

John has one unmarried, older sister. He has many cousins and very fond memories of large family gatherings during the holidays. He was extremely close to his grandfather, who prior to his death, lived with his family while he was growing up.

Taking a train ride                          Joshua's Baptism